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Letná district – see more of a local area

Letna is a place to go to in Prague. Get off the beaten path and visit Letna area. This district is only about 15 minutes walk from the Old Town square and you can blend in with locals and see how they live and spend their free time. Here are few tips what to see in Letná District:

1. Letná beer garden:

in night
Letná beer garden

One of the nicest place to visit and see in Prague is definately Letná beer garden. It is perfect to spend your time there while it is sunny and shiny outside. The winters in Czech Republic are very long and once it gets sunny people leave indoor places and spent time outside.
On the beer garden you can try different types of local beer and local wines along with some veggie food. Not the biggest selection but there is always an option of a veggie meal. :) Sit along on very traditional wooden tables and see how locals enjoy their free time. And the view – oh, you can not miss that. :)

2. Letná park:


This beautiful summer park Letna is a great place to chill after a long day of sightseeing. You can just buy a bottle of wine and bring it here or buy it in one of the many bars you can find around the park. Yes – it is legal to drink on public in Prague. :)
Make sure you also visit the Mentronom. The place where huge Statue of Stalin used to be and even nowadays this place is still called U Stalina (by Stalin). Grab a beer, listen to local djs or bands, see the skateboarders trying new tricks or just sit down and enjoy the view and feel the vibe of this place.

3. Sparta Praha stadium

Generali arena

Generali Arena as the stadium is called now is the home for a football team Sparta Prague. This beautiful stadium hosted the biggest teams in a history such as Barcelona, Real Madrid and many more. Nowadays you can see a game of national league every two weeks and once in a while a game of European League or Champions League. If you are interested in football or soccer as US folks call it make sure you get to see one game there. It is rarely sold out so it is easy to get the ticket right before the game.

4. Stromovka


As we already know there is a Letna park in Letna district. But Letna is bounded by parks. From the city centre side you can find the Letna park and from the other side localy known Stromovka. It is barely visit by turist as you do not see it much in the guide books. It is huge park with so many attraction where you definately need more than just one day to walk around it. You can go fishing, jogging, biking or just bring a book and read in the middle of the beautiful park. Make sure you also visit Šlechtovka restaurant in the heart of Stromovka next to the ponds.

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