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Farmer´s markets in Prague

Prague offers great variety of Farmer´s markets. It is plenty of them around the city, some of the run throught the whole week and some of them are only one day week. We pick three of them, which we find the most fascinating and also with big selections of veggie food.


Veggie market. Prague, Czech Republic.
Farmer´s market Prague, veggie food

1. Náplavka farmers market

This is our favorite one. Only on Saturday from 8 am to 2 pm you can walk along the river and enjoy fresh food from local farmers. They usually serve a lot of veggies along with a great fresh pastry made at home with love and passion. :) They look great and taste great.

Náplavka is a really popular especially during the summer time where people can sit on the riverbank while watching locals enjoy their free time. You can many different types of Czech beer and Czech wines, during the weekend watch local bands playing for free or visit a Captain Morgan boat where you can party until the morning. :)

2. Farmers market on Kulatak

Great farmers market with a big tradition. It is located in Dejvice area on the big roundbar. You can try big variety of czech food of course with some veggie options. :) A lot of vegetable brought straight from the gardens taste and smell amazing. You can also try the most traditional Kolacky. It is great and tasty pastry. It is hard to describe it so just try. :)
It opens every Saturday from 8am to 2pm. The best way to get there is by green subway line to Dejvicka and you are there. :)

3. Farmers market on Jiriho z Podebrad

Those farmers market are mostly for locals. They happen more often – you can visit here from Thursday to Saturday from 8am. You will mainly meet locals that shop here every day and enjoy quality products brought straight from the farms.

Also located on a green subway line at the stop Jiriho z Podebrad and it is right next to the subway stop too.

Enjoy and eat fresh. :)

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