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Farmer´s markets in Prague

Prague offers great variety of Farmer´s markets. It is plenty of them around the city, some of the run throught the whole week and some of them are only one day week. We pick three of them, which we find the most fascinating and also with big selections of veggie food.   1. Náplavka farmers […]

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Best Veggie places in Letna district

Now you know where to go in Letna area and enjoy your free time outside or visiting the football (soccer event). Of course you will also be looking for veggie restaurants in this area. So here is the list of really good veggie restaurants in this area. 1. Vegtral This cozy place offers great selection […]

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Best smoothies ever! Yaaay!


Start your smoothie with two mugs full of a liquid base. Best choice is a dairy-free alternative such as soya or almond milk, fruit juice, or for a tropical flavoured smoothie, low-fat coconut milk or coconut water. It’s important to add the liquid to your blender before adding the fruit as this will prevent the […]

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Best winter vegan soups !

 It´s really cold outside so we tried a a couple of winter soup recipes for you..Here are our favourite results Enjoy your meal! Pumpkin soup A simple, 7 ingredient pumpkin soup that’s savory and made completely from scratch! Healthy, satisfying, and perfect for chillier weather.   2 sugar pumpkins (~2 1/4 cups (450 g) pumpkin […]

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5 favourite recipes /Vegan started pack


Hungry and lazy for long cooking? Try our 5 favourite recipes -easy, vegan, quick and(mostly) very healthy! Hummus  Chickpeas are among the best legumes, and this is among the best recipes you can prepare with them, an eons-old Middle Eastern classic. With just a few simple tricks, you really can make creamy smooth hummus at […]

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Detoxicate your body with 10 tips


After Chrismas time we feel mostly heavy .Detoxification is so important because it can literally reverse the symptoms of illness and change your life.  There are many different types of detoxification protocols and it is important to find one that works well for you.  Toxic agents are everywhere in our world.  The food we eat, […]