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The best places to visit during winter in Prague.

Prague is beautiful in the summer of course. You can visit areas like Naplavka, Letna beer garden, Riegrovy sady or Kampa island. But unfortunately summer is over here in Prague and we are getting very close to the winter time. It is also very unique time of the year in Prague, especially around Christmas. Here […]

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Farmer´s markets in Prague

Prague offers great variety of Farmer´s markets. It is plenty of them around the city, some of the run throught the whole week and some of them are only one day week. We pick three of them, which we find the most fascinating and also with big selections of veggie food.   1. Náplavka farmers […]

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Best Veggie places in Letna district

Now you know where to go in Letna area and enjoy your free time outside or visiting the football (soccer event). Of course you will also be looking for veggie restaurants in this area. So here is the list of really good veggie restaurants in this area. 1. Vegtral This cozy place offers great selection […]

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Letná district – see more of a local area

Letna is a place to go to in Prague. Get off the beaten path and visit Letna area. This district is only about 15 minutes walk from the Old Town square and you can blend in with locals and see how they live and spend their free time. Here are few tips what to see […]