About us

We are Lucie & Honza.
Lucie loves healthy lifestyle, Honza loves Prague. So we both have two passion
and because great things are stronger together, we decided to take the best from
us and give it to the world. And that´s how I like Veggie became to the world.
With a 5 years of experience from our parent company I Like Ebike and the same
time aged knowledge with veggie kitchen – we made a unique, first vegetarian/
vegan tour in Europe. We grew up in Prague, and we know how difficult it is for
tourists to find the right restaurant, especially a vegetarian one, of which there
are very little. Czech restaurants offer very heavy, fatty and meat dishes (pork,
goulash, duck with cabbage). We are convinced that this food is unhealthy for you
and definitely does not do well for the energy you need to discover the city.
So thats who we are. Young, fresh and healthy. And we are really happy, you are
in with us.
With love and heart
Lucie & Honza